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The #1 Affordable Ice bath chiller

Certified Refurbished Water Chiller

Certified Refurbished Water Chiller

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Get the same high-quality Pod Chiller at a fraction of the price with a Certified Refurbished Chiller, still fully covered by our 1 year warranty. Each like-new unit undergoes a thorough repair and testing process to ensure they meet our quality standards. While they may exhibit minor cosmetic blemishes, they still offer the same incredible benefits and performance as our brand-new models.

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Certified Refurbished Water Chiller

PRO (500 watt)

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Water Chiller Specifications

Power & decibel level: 

Standard chiller: 1/3 hp compressor, 280 watt power consumption. Uses a regular 110V US plug. ∼39-45db noise level (comparable to a fridge)

Pro chiller: 1/2 hp compressor, 500watt power consumption. Uses a regular 110V US plug. ∼55 decibel noise level (comparable to a dishwasher)

Temperature capability: 

Standard chiller: chills water down to 41 degrees Fahrenheit (5°C)*

Pro chiller: chills water down to 39 degrees Fahrenheit (3°C)*


Standard chiller: 40lbs (18kg), Pro chiller: 55lbs (25kg)

Water pump & filtration: 

20 micron filtration & 24/7 water flow which maintains clean & clear water for weeks to months. The filter and pump is placed low on the side with easy access for filter replacement and in case repair is needed, covered by our warranty, naturally.


Standard chiller: 12x12x13in (29x29x32cm), extremely compact and easy to move around

Pro chiller: 13x13x14.5in (33x33x37cm)

Power usage: 

Don't worry, the chiller will not break the bank and rack up high energy bills. It uses the same technology and compressor your fridge/freezer at home uses, which is extremely economical.

The exact power usage varies based on climate etc but expect to spend around $0.5-$1.5 per day in electricity (20 times less than buying ice).

Indoor/Outdoor use: 

Both, the chiller can also be used outdoors, but be recommend setting it up under a covered/shaded area to protect it from weather and environment to extend its lifespan.

IcePod Specifications:

When you order a chiller and icepod as a bundle, you will receive our 2 valve icepod for easy and neat looking connection.

Diameter: 32 inches (80cm)

Height: 29 inches (75cm)

Weight: 8 lb (4 kg)

Capacity: 106 gal (400L)

Suitable for: heights up to 6′9 foot (2.1m)

* = Temperature and exact power consumption can vary slightly depending on climate and conditions. Our chiller has been tested in humid & tropical climates up to 110 °F, and the numbers stated are based on those tests. We always recommend setting the IceBath and Chiller up in a shaded environment, and not in direct sunlight for the best performance, energy savings & lower water temperatures.

PRO vs Standard Chiller

Here is a comparison between the standard chiller and the 2.0 PRO version, the main difference being that the PRO chiller is more powerful & cools 2x faster, and is therefore better if you live in a warm climate with temperatures above 85°F (30°C)

Standard Chiller (1/3hp):

  • Designed for beginners and for recreational use
  • Best for medium to low temperature climates below 85°F (30°C)
  • Chills water down to 41°F (5°C)
  • 20 micron filtration
  • Weight: 39lbs (18kg)
  • 280 watt cooling power (1/3hp)
  • Portable and easy to set up

PRO Chiller (1/2hp):

  • Designed for frequent plungers and if you live in a hotter climate with temperatures above 85°F (30°C)
  • Chills water down to 39°F (3°C)
  • 20 micron filtration
  • Weight: 55lbs (25kg)
  • 500 watt cooling power (1/2hp)
  • Portable and easy to set up


Shipping is FREE for lower 48 states (not including Hawaii & Alaska). Shipping outside the contiguous US, such as Hawaii, Alaska, Islands and military bases starts from $89 for the chiller

The average shipping time is 2-4 days.

Return policy (try it risk free)

Our regular Pod Chiller has 30 days trial period included, so if you're unhappy with it you can return it within 30 days for a full refund. Note: you'll have to pay for the cost to ship it back to us, the average return cost for the chiller in the USA is $29 USD.

The refurbished chillers are final sale and can not be returned after use. You are still able to return if it has not been used within 30 days.

Please contact us at for more information or to start your return.

Cold Therapy Benefits

What are the benefits of cold water therapy?

Boost the immune system

Improve blood circulation.

Better deep sleep.

Boost energy & elevate mood

Prevent/help depression

Reduce inflammation.

Reduce muscle soreness

Improve metabolic function.

Improve mood.

Reduce chronic pain

Practice discipline & resilience

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  • Powerful Cooling

    Submerge yourself in water down to 39°F ready for you when you are. No more ice and hassles thanks to our powerful chiller.

  • 20-micron filtration

    You only deserve the cleanest water. Thanks to our constant 24/7 circulation and 20-micron filtration, your water always stays sparkling clean.

  • Indoor & Outdoor

    Our chiller is built to withstand all the elements, your water stays clean and cold, even in the hottest climates.

  • Simple Set Up

    No plumbing required - 10 minute set up time. Simply connect the hoses, either to your IcePod, or any other ice bath. Simple set up instructions included.

  • Most affordable

    Most chiller & plunge set-ups costs $4000+ and upwards. We created the chiller & IcePod for this exact reason, a premium ice bath solution, but at a fraction of the cost.

  • Built to last

    Our chiller is simply built of the best components, that will last for years to come. Covered by the included 12 month warranty, extendable for up to 2 years.

What's Included

1x Water chiller

2x IcePod hose connectors & seal rings

1x Hose set + hose insulation

1x 20-micron water filter & pump unit

1x Power cable (US 110V plug)

1x Detailed instruction manual & guided videos

1x Free home delivery*

Loved by 3000+ ice cold customers

The #1 Affordable Water Chiller for Ice Baths

Don't worry, the chiller will not break the bank and rack up high energy bills. It uses the same technology and compressor your fridge/freezer at home uses, which is extremely economical.

The exact power usage varies based on climate etc but expect to spend around $0.5-$1.5 per day in electricity (15-20 times less than buying ice if you plunge regularly!).

Trusted By Pro Athletes From


Is the chiller gonna run up my electricity bill?

No! The Power usage is only 280 watt, which is comparable to the freezer in your home.

Example of power usage: at 77°F (25°C) room temperature, and chiller temperature set at 46°F (8°C) will consume around 1.4-1.8 kWh per day (every 24 hours). With todays average kWh in the USA costing $0.35, that is just around $0.5 at per day in electricity cost to run The Pod Chiller 24/7. (These are estimates and can vary depending on the climate and temperatures where you live).

Is the chiller compatible with my current Ice Bath?

Yes. The chiller can easily be used with your current Ice Pod or even any form of other ice bath.

Connect to your existing IcePod:

you simply connect the hose entering the water filter side of the chiller to the drain valve on your IcePod. And the second hose coming from the chiller pump goes into the IcePod over the top ring (see picture illustration in the product gallery).

Connect to any other Ice Bath:

You can also connect the chiller to any ice bath, bathtub, bucket - you name it. The chiller comes with pump and filter, so you simply put both hoses from the chiller into any body of water to start cooling it.

If you order the chiller with the IcePod, you will receive it with a 2 valve IcePod for easy and elegant connection.

If you have any questions or need help, please email

How is the chiller so cheap compared to competitors?

We get this one a lot, but the answer is surprisingly simple. Our core mission at The Pod Company is to make healthy habits accessible for everyone, so you don't have to sell your kidney to be able to afford a premium ice bath.

Our water chiller is priced lower than our competitors, because we have developed it from scratch using components from chest freezers. We also negotiate the best prices with our suppliers for materials and components by ordering very large stock quantities, streamline our production process to reduce labor costs, and focus on essential features without adding unnecessary ones.

Our water chiller is a high-quality and affordable option for your ice bath needs, without the huge markup most other brands put on their ice baths.

How cold can it make my water?

Our standard chiller can cool the water in your ice bath down to 41°F (5°C) in climates below 85°F (30°C). And our pro chiller can cool your water down to 39°F (3°C) in climates over 85°F (max 110°F).

Both chillers can keep it at that temperature with minimal power consumption as it works on thermostat, which only turns on once every hour, to sustain the selected water temperature, resulting is minimal power consumption.

What temperature do you recommend

We recommend starting out at around 59°F (15°C) if it's your first time, and then slowly lowering the temperature and duration for each session. That way your body will get acclimated to the cold.

We recommend setting the chiller temperature to 46°F (8°C) or above, as this will ease the power consumption & load on the chiller.

The recommended temperature from clinical studies has shown that the benefits from ice baths and cold therapy are achieved at any temperatures lower than 59°F (15°C)

How often should I clean the water filter

We recommend cleaning the water filter attached to the chiller every 1-2 weeks. Simply take it out and rinse it with a brush and tap water.

It is important to replace the filter once per month to not damage the chiller due to restricted water flow.

You can order replacement cartridges here

How much will i save on ice?

Assuming each ice bath session requires around 15-40lbs of ice, and with an average cost of $3 per 10lbs, we have calculated that at 5 ice baths per week, the chiller cost is made back in 3-4 months. Investing in the water chiller is undoubtedly a smart financial & time saving decision if you're a regular ice plunger, plus you skip the hassle of buying ice.

What is the decibel level of the Water Chiller?

The water chiller is very quiet, see the readings below.

Standard chiller measures ∼44db noise level (comparable to a fridge)

Pro chiller measures ∼55 decibel noise level (comparable to a dishwasher)

Can i use the chiller outdoors?

Yes, Our chiller is built to withstand all the elements, your water stays clean and cold, even in the hottest climates.

Do be cautious in freezing conditions, and follow the recommendations in the manual that comes with your chiller.

It is essential that your chiller is running 24/7 should the outside temperature drop below freezing, otherwise the chillers pipes and internal tank can get damaged. With consistent water flow this does not happen.

We always recommend emptying the chiller from water by disconnecting the hoses and tipping it, to let water drain out, and thereafter storing it inside in non-freezing conditions until needed again. The purpose of the chiller is to operate in warmer temperatures, to keep your water cold, and there's no need to have your chiller connected to the IcePod, when it's freezing outside, as your water will maintain the cold temperatures needed naturally.

The PodChiller™ vs Other Chillers

So how do we compare to other ice bath chillers on the market? See for yourself in the comparison below.


Other Brands


From $999

$4000+ (not including costly shipping)


Small, compact, powerful & portable. Only weighs 39lbs (18kg).

Bulky chillers or bathtub-like ice baths. Weighs 60lbs+, expensive to ship & requires multiple people to move around & install

Shipping cost

Free standard shipping.

Due to the large size and heavy weight shipping has to be by truck and costs upwards of $500 within the USA!




Cooling power

Down to 39°F (3°C)

Down to 41°F (5°C)


Every Chiller comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty out of box. You can purchase an extended warranty after adding your product to the cart.

We also have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the chiller, you have 30 days to return it for a full refund (in good condition). See our Return Policy for full details.

Financing from $80/month

Flexible financing options starting at just $80/month or 4 interest-free installments through Shop Pay at checkout. More affordable than buying ice any day for the regular plunger.

20 micron filter

Filters out hair, skin cells, leaves, sand and other debris 24/7. Enjoy a clean and clear ice bath at all times, ready for you when you are.


Experience a natural high feeling like no other, while getting all these amazing health benefits. Cold water immersion is hands down the best thing you can do for your health.


    • Immune system support

    • Increase blood flow

    • Reduce chronic pain

    • Boost metabolism

    • Better sleep


    • Experience a natual high

    • Boost energy

    • Elevate mood

    • Prevent/help depression

    • Practice discipline

    • Increased resilience


    • Lower inflammation

    • Reduce muscle soreness

    • Boost performance

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