The IcePod Chiller pro




Introducing The Water Chiller! The ultimate solution for your ice bath routine, that doesn't break the bank like most other chillers on the market. It measures just 12x12x13in (29x29x32cm) and brings your water down to a refreshing 41°F (5°C) in no time. It's time to save time and hassle, with this chiller you will not have to run to the store for ice ever again. The Pod Water Chiller is for indoor & outdoor use, and extremely energy efficient at just 280watt (500watt PRO version available for faster cooling and hotter climates).


At only 40lbs (18kg), our chiller is incredibly lightweight compared to others on the market, and therefore easy to move around and affordable to ship. But don't let its size fool you - with a powerful 1/3 horsepower (240 watt) compressor, it's just as efficient and effective as those expensive $5000+ ice baths you see on the market.


Based on tests, here is an example of the chillers capability: In an indoor environment, at 77°F (25°C) room temperature, our chiller could effortlessly cool the water in the Ice Pod down to 41°F (5°C), and keep it at that temperature with minimal power consumption as it works on thermostat, which only turns on once every hour, to sustain the selected water temperature.


Save Money on Ice:

Not only will the pod chiller save you money in the long run, but it will also save you time and hassle. Think about all the money you've spent on bags of ice for your ice baths over the years. With The Pod Chiller, you'll never have to worry about running to the store for ice again. Plus, you can say goodbye to the large amount of plastic waste and money spent one ice. 


Assuming each ice bath session requires around 10-20lbs of ice, and with an average cost of $3 per 10lbs, we have calculated the time it would take for you to make back the cost of The Pod Chiller and start saving money in the table below:


Ice baths per week  Time to make back the chiller cost 
7 19 weeks (4.5 months)
5 26 weeks (6 months)
3 44 weeks (10 months)


Investing in the ice bath water chiller is undoubtedly a smart financial & time saving decision if you're a regular ice plunger.




  • Power: 1/3 horsepower compressor
  • Temperature: chills water down to 41 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Weight: 40lbs (18kg)
  • Water pump & filter: Built into the chiller
  • Dimensions: 12x12x13in (29x29x32cm), extremely compact and easy to move around
  • Power usage: 240 watt (example of power usage: at 77°F (25°C) room temperature, and chiller temperature set at 41°F (5°C) will consume around 1,4 kWh per day (every 24 hours). With todays average kWh in the USA costing $0.35, that is just around $0.5 at most per day in electricity cost to run The Pod Chiller 24/7. 
  • Finish: Matte black corrosion resistant paint.
  • Indoor/Outdoor use: Both, the chiller can also be used outdoors, but be recommend covering it so it doesn't get dirt, water etc. on it.


  • Elevated Energy

    Everybody has their own method for waking up; double shots of espresso, a quick workout, and so on. If you’re looking for a quick start to your morning or an afternoon pick me up, a icy cold immersion might just be the answer. Many people turn to cold plunging when looking for a new way to boost their daily energy!

  • Recovery / Performance

    Cold therapy benefits extend beyond the mental and chemical aspects of your body too. Sports medicine has utilized cold water therapy for years, to help the active recovery of your muscles.

  • Immune Support

    Being immersed in cold water stimulates leukocytes, the white blood cells that help fight off sicknesses. It also causes the lymphatic system to contract, forcing fluid through the lymph nodes. This process aids in detoxing the body and strengthening your immune system. A study has shown cold water immersion to substantially lower upper respiratory tract infections.

  • Momentum

    Cold therapy has shown the ability increase your baseline dopamine. Dopamine is the molecule in our brain and body that is linked to motivation. Dopamine can enhance our depth of focus and lower our threshold for taking action towards our specific goals. 

  • Boosted Mood

    Researchers have known for a while that it connects to our daily energy. In particular, there is lots of evidence that a lack of dopamine can contribute to depression, meaning that a cold plunge might help to reduce depression and improve overall mood! Don't take our word for it though, just ask anyone who has ever plunged in cold icy water!

  • Pain Relief

    The boost in norepiniphrine you'll get from consistant ice baths has been shown to be up to 5x. This neurotransmitter can dramatically reduce inflammation and help with chronic pain.

  • Stress Relief

    Cold water therapy has been shown to be an effective supplemental treatment for stress relief by decreasing the stress hormone cortisol. A study found that regular cold showers and ice baths helped reduce anxiety and improve the mood of participants.

  • Better Sleep

    When you dip into the cold Ice Pod, your body triggers the autonomic nervous system. This system is a network of vessels and nerves, split into two parts that control your response to stress. When you begin to control your response to stress, you’ll likely find that you begin to control your relaxation and sleep.