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Slater T.

Always wanted to hop on the cold plunge hype train and so glad I did with the IcePod. It's a no-frills quality product that gives you everything you need to get started, plus it is simple to set-up and maintain. Been plunging for weeks and won't ever go back.

Craig S.

Game changer! I've used the ice pod every day since i got it. only need to add ice every 3-4 days as water stays super cold even though it's summer here (got the PRO 2.0 version with extra insulation).

Ryan M.

Unfortunately, I fell for one of the poor quality Ice pod knockoffs online. I then purchased this icepod and can confirm it is 10x better quality and way better insulated (stays cold multiple days). Also Mathias from customer support is the best, just got the pod chiller and works like a charm!

The #1 original portable & affordable ice bath

Hardcore Plunger Bundle

Hardcore Plunger Bundle

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The Hardcore Plunger Bundle is for the daily dedicated hardcore plunger, and includes everything and more. It's our biggest bundle, at our biggest discount.

    What's Included In This Bundle

    • 1 IcePod Pro (indoor & outdoor use, chiller compatible with 2 valves, Insulated & fits people up to 6ft9 or 350lbs.
    • 1 Regular Insulated Lid (floats on top of the water)
    • Ultra Insulated IcePod Cover Set, features  substantial 1/2 inch sub-zero insulating layer, which keeps your water colder for longer i warm climates, and prevents your water freezing solid in cold climates.
    • Water Maintenance Pack (2 month supply)
    • IcePod Cleaning Kit, with skimmer net, silicone brush and microfiber cleaning pads.
    • 12x Ice Bricks that makes 3 lb. blocks of ice in your home freezer that will last significantly longer than regular cubed ice.
    • Water Circulation Jet (makes water feel much colder, requiring less ice for each session to feel the same effects. The water jet can also prevent solid ice from forming in cold climates due to constant water movement)
    • Water Absorbing Mat
    • 1 Thermometer
    • 1 Year IcePod Warranty (free replacement for any reason)

    Icepod Dimensions

    Capacity & Height:

    30 inches (76cm) & 110gal (420L)

    Diameter: 32 inches (80cm)

    Height: 30 inches (75cm)

    Empty weight: 8lbs (4 kg)

    Suitable for: People up to 6′9 foot (210cm) and fits people weighing up to 280-320lbs (125-150kg) comfortably.

    Cold Therapy Benefits

    What are the benefits of cold water therapy?

    Boost the immune system

    Improve blood circulation.

    Better deep sleep.

    Boost energy & elevate mood

    Prevent/help depression

    Reduce inflammation.

    Reduce muscle soreness

    Improve metabolic function.

    Improve mood.

    Reduce chronic pain

    Practice discipline & resilience


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    Return policy (100 days)

    The Ice Pod: If you are unhappy with your Ice Pod for any reason, you have 100(!) days to return it for a full refund. Note: The product needs to be in unused condition.

    Water Chiller: We offer a 30 days risk-free money back guarantee on the water chiller, so you can test it and return it if it doesn't meet your expectations. To be eligible for a return for The Water Chiller, your item must be in good condition and not have signs of use or scratches/dents. You can try it out, but if you have used it and decide to return it,  please clean/wipe it and send it back in it's original packaging with all parts in the box.

    After we receive it back at our warehouse, you'll get a full refund within 5 business days.

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    portable insulated ice bath recovery pod for cold plunge and cold therapy

    What's Always Included

    1x Ice Pod

    1x Cover Lid

    1x Nano Repair Patches

    1x Hand Pump

    1x Drainage Hose

    1x 6 months full warranty (extendable)

    1x Free home delivery


    How much ice do i need to add?

    We recommend adding 15-40lbs (7-18kg) of ice to the Ice Pod per session depending on the initial water temperature. The amount of ice needed highly depends on your tap water temperature, the climate you live in, and how cold you desire it to be. If you live in colder climates, adding ice may not even be needed.

    We also offer our XXL Ice Block which makes huge 3lb. ice blocks in your home freezer that will last significantly longer than regular cubed ice, and melt a lot slower.

    Since the IcePod is insulated it will keep the water cold for longer, and you may therefore not have to add as much ice after the first time.

    How do i keep the water clean?

    To keep the water clean for long periods of time, we recommend getting our Water Maintenance Pack

    This Pack includes 2 months supply of our custom formulated disinfectant & cleanser you need to have perfect clean and clear water. Using these products, you'll likely not have to change your water for weeks to months.

    If you don't use sanitizer in your ice bath, we recommend changing the water once per week or every 3-5 sessions.

    IcePod dimensions, water capacity & weight limit


    Diameter: 32 inches (80cm)

    Height: 30 inches (75cm)

    Weight: 9 lb (4 kg)

    Capacity: 105 gal (400L)

    Suitable for heights up to 6′9 foot (2.1m) and fits people weighing up to 320lbs (150kg) comfortably.

    Can The Ice Pod be set up outside?


    We engineered the pod to be weather and UV resistant, so you can set it up Inside or outside, even in temperatures below freezing. The insulation layer makes the water turn to ice a lot slower, but we still recommend to stir the water at least once a day to keep the water from freezing completely solid.

    How do i drain the Ice Pod?

    The Ice Pod comes with a tap at the bottom for draining. To drain it, connect a standard garden hose or simply open the tap depending on where the pod is set up.

    For draining it indoors or over longer distances, we recommend getting our 9ft IcePod Drain Hose

    Does it include a cover?

    Yes. both the standard and Pro Ice Pod includes a waterproof cover to keep the water clean.

    We also offer an insulated lid that will keep the water cold for longer.

    How long should each ice bath session be?

    To get the health benefits, you'll need to stay in cold water below 59° Fahrenheit (15°C) for 3-5 minutes. Cold water therapy works best with the right combination of time and temperature. Each individual is different and some people can tolerate lower temperatures.

    How do i assemble the Ice Pod?

    It's super easy and takes less than 15 minutes! Please follow the instructions that came with the Ice Pod or watch this video: Assembly Guide

    What temperature do you recommend?

    We recommend starting out with your ice bath tub temperature at around 59° Fahrenheit (15°C) if it's your first time, and then slowly lowering the temperature and duration for each session. That way your body will get acclimated to the cold.

    For the seasoned ice vikings, get the water below 50°F to really feel the kick, and stay in for at least 2 minutes for optimal benefits.




    Thickest insulation on the market with sub zero technology

    High strength UV-resistant nylon fabric

    Larger than competitors and fits people up to 6ft7 (or 300lbs) comfortably

    Free from BPA, phthalates & any other harmful chemical traces

    Ships from the USA

    Covered by warranty, 100 days return policy

    Inventors of the Original Portable Ice Bath

    Chiller compatible with quick connect valves

    Very little or no insulation

    Poor quality material, deterioates & and leaks after a few uses

    Small size where you can't fit comfortably

    Cheap plastics containing BPA & Phthalates

    May ship from china, long shipping time

    No warranty coverage or support

    Low quality knockoff product

    No chiller compatible


    Experience a natural high feeling like no other, while getting all these amazing health benefits. Cold water immersion is hands down the best thing you can do for your health.


      • Immune system support

      • Increase blood flow

      • Reduce chronic pain

      • Boost metabolism

      • Better sleep


      • Experience a natural high

      • Boost energy

      • Elevate mood

      • Prevent/help depression

      • Practice discipline

      • Increased resilience


      • Lower inflammation

      • Reduce muscle soreness

      • Boost performance

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    portable insulated ice bath recovery pod for cold plunge and cold therapy

    Covered by warranty

    Every Ice Pod comes with a 6 month full manufacturer warranty out of box. You can extend the warranty for up to 2 years for a small additional cost after adding to your cart.

    We also have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your portable ice bath, you have 100 days to return it for a full refund (in unused condition). See our Return Policy for all details.


    The Pod Chiller

    Introducing the Pod Chiller! The ultimate solution for your ice bath routine, that doesn't break the bank, like most other ice bath chillers on the market. Keeps you water ice cold at the set temperature 24/7, and filters your water with its 20 micron filtration. Starting from just $999