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Your new wellness ritual

Using an ice bath tub for cold water immersion is hands down the best thing you can do for your health. In just a few minutes, you'll get all of these amazing benefits.


    • Immune system support

    • Increase blood flow

    • Reduce chronic pain

    • Boost metabolism

    • Better sleep


    • Boost in energy

    • Elevate mood

    • Practice discipline

    • Increased resilience


    • Lower inflammation

    • Reduce muscle soreness

    • Boost performance


    Cold water immersion is proven to release increased amounts of dopamine and serotonin which improves mood and boosts happiness.

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Don’t just take it from us

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The Pod Chiller

Introducing the Pod Chiller! The ultimate solution for your ice bath routine, that doesn't break the bank, like most other ice bath chillers on the market. Keeps you water ice cold at the set temperature 24/7, and filters your water with its 20 micron filtration. Starting from just $999


Frequently Asked Questions

How long should each ice bath session be

To get the health benefits, you'll need to stay in cold water below 59° Fahrenheit (15°C) for three to eight minutes.Cold water therapy works best with the right combination of time and temperature. Each individual is different and some people can tolerate lower temperatures.

What temperature do you recommend

We recommend starting out with your ice bath tub temperature at around 59° Fahrenheit (15°C) if it's your first time, and then slowly lowering the temperature and duration for each session. That way your body will get acclimated to the cold.

How much ice do i need to add?

We recommend adding 13-26 lb (6-12kg) of ice to the Ice Pod per session. The amount of ice needed depends on your tap water temperature and how cold you desire it to be, where if you live in colder climates, adding ice may not even be needed.

Since the pod is insulated it will keep the water cold for multiple days, and you may therefore not have to add as much ice after the first time.

How do i drain the Ice Pod

The Ice Pod comes with a tap at the bottom for draining. To drain it, connect a standard garden hose or simply open the tap depending on where the pod is set up.

How often should I clean/empty The Ice Pod

To keep the water clean for long periods of time, we recommend using one 1 lb to 2 lb of sea salt (500g to 1kg). (You can keep the water in the pod for three to four weeks when you are using salt).
If you are not using any salt, we recommend cleaning the pod in every three to five ice bath sessions.

Can TheIcePod be set up outside?

Yes! We engineered the pod to be weather and UV resistant, so you can set it up Inside or outside, even in temperatures below freezing. The insulation layer makes the water turn to ice a lot slower, but we still recommend to stir the water at least once a day to keep the water from freezing completely solid.

Does it include a cover

Yes. The Ice Pod includes a waterproof cover to keep the water clean.